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No bath, No problem: Sink and Shower Self-care

If you have a bath in your home, you might assume that everybody does! However, this is not the case.

The popularity of studio flats with all-inclusive bills has risen in recent years, and with studio flats, the benefits of a cheaper room and living alone often comes at the cost of sharing a bathroom (read, others waiting to their turn!) or a simplistic standing shower and sink.

Often baths are associated with self-care routines, with showers being left to the mundane every day.

However, not having access to a bath doesn’t have to be the end to an aquatic self-care ritual.

1. If you’re on a budget, a good place to start is facemasks, footmasks and hair masks.

Tissue masks and peeling foot masks are usually around £2 to £3, so don't break the bank. Watch out for offers, and stock up when they're on sale. You can put them on and relax on your bed or sofa, without needing to be in a bathroom.

With hair masks, you can apply the product onto your hair, cover with a shower cap to lock in moisture, maybe paint your nail, read - relax - then simply wash off in the shower.

2. In-shower moisturisers are your best- friend.

If you have a small bathroom it can be difficult to do a full-body moisturising session without being able to bend in certain angles.

In-shower moisturisers can make your shower feel so much luxurious and can also save time so you can have more time in the evening to do something you love.

3. At home 'Dermaplaning' (which is an exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration of skin-care products, by removing dead skin and excess hair on your face) is far cheaper to do at home than booking in a beauty salon, which would set you back around £60.

The DIY version, which requires your own razor sets you back around £3.

You can 'dermaplan' over your sink after cleaning your face. Be careful when doing this, it might be an idea to watch a YouTube tutorial before getting started.

4. Make use of your sink!

Fill your sink up with hot water, then using a flannel lightly hold the warm flannel over your face for a few minutes to help open your pores before cleansing.

Light a scented candle while you’re relaxing - wherever you are doing this - to add a special spa element to your routine.
Invest in a fancy body scrub (if you can) this is great to use within your shower. A coffee scrub smells delicious and energising in the morning!

5. Pick tools that are going to be handy with the limited space that you have.

Top Tools for your shower/sink self-care routine would be:

  • Exfoliating mitts

  • A long-handled back brush

  • A Manicure set

  • Candles

  • A facemask applicator

Remember a shower/sink self-care routine doesn’t have to be all about getting clean, it can be about setting an environment to relax and have some me-time.

Happy rituals!


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