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It's coming!


The WWSC HUB will be a one-of-a-kind hub of wellbeing for men and women to enjoy being in an environment of pure feminine energy. 


In our beautifully curated space, you can access Yoga, Spin, Barre... but also Pottery and Bread Making Classes, Crystal Meditations, Book Clubs, Beauty Treatments and Business Networking Nights under one monthly flat-rate subscription fee.

Unlike other fitness studios, WWSC has an entirely holistic approach to health. There are many ways to connect with yourself and enhance your wellbeing. A key part of being a WWSC member is access to a community of people who are committed to meaningful social impact work of empowering women's rights and health.

In the WWSC Hub, a beautiful cafe with artisan coffees, organic whole-foods and all the health-food powers snd sparkles you can think of will be available throughout the day. 

Women Who Self Care is run by women, for women. We want to encourage women to put their health and ambitions first.

Can men join? Absolutely! We ALL have feminine energy within us after all. We are Women Who Self Care because women have been and are still neglected globally. Women do not have access to the same freedoms as men. Our mission is to empower women to have the same freedoms, safety and rights as men globally, whilst still celebrating our differences.

Every time you book into a yoga class, attend a meditation or triathlon training session, you will directly enable another woman living below the poverty line, to access basic health care and wellbeing enhancing activities, and empower them to live a better, healthier and more independent life. 

Can't wait to join? We are launching soon with early bird offers!


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