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Become a Partner

If you’re interested in supporting gender equality and the advancement of women’s rights, and work with/ own a company that provides services related to self-care, please get in touch with us


We’re currently interested in:

  • Wellness specialists and speakers

  • Women's rights specialists

  • Beauty Therapists

  • Nutritionists/ Dieticians 

  • Art Teacher: drawing, pottery, painting, dance 

  • Local sports clubs: triathlon, hocking, running, football, rugby

  • Spiritual/ Energy practitioners 

  • Universities offering lectures to the public

  • Lecturers on gender equality, social impact work, sustainability, climate change, women's health

  • Activists 


If your industry is not on our list, but you feel that you offer a service that caters to self-care, please do still get in touch.

Image by Juliet Furst
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