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Our Goal

As with our mission of propelling women to put their health and ambitions first, there are certain goals we are setting out to accomplish to help drive the change of women putting themselves first.


Goal 1:

Provide free access to ‘Self-Care Hubs’ for women in deprived areas that will enable them to care for their health:


The Self-Care Hubs will provide:

  • Access to information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights [SRHR]

  • Access to Contraception such as condoms, self-injectables and the pill

  • Access to menstruation products such as sanitary towels, tampons and moon cups

  • Access to exercise classes such as yoga, a running club, indoor aerobics   

  • Access to mindful and/ or geographically (safe) traditions that promote calmness and community such as meditation, dancing, story telling and so on 

  • Access to books, paper and pens and donated learning materials 

  • Access to childcare when participating in any class, meeting or study session



Goal 2:

Provide accessible, well-researched and informed self-care information specifically aimed at women's needs



Goal 3:

Foster a community of women who are well-informed and active participants of society, demanding social change for the benefit of all women globally and themselves. 

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